Prokogg: Part 2


While he didn’t know for certain what the translation on the chunk of rock that he held said, he had theories and he was confident that they weren’t far off from being accurate. ” The Lost city has to be down here, “Fizzit said aloud more to reassure himself than it was the others. He knew Quossa would follow him to the deepest , darkest places in Aerona if he asked her to. Rezzik , however, would be impossible to convince without seeing the city for himself.


The trio of explorers continued on down the tunnel. With each step that he took, Fizzit could gradually feel the walls pressing in on him more tightly and path ahead him seemed to appear ever darker. Now that the group had ceased talking, Fizzit could hear little more than the sound of the trio’s footsteps slapping loudly against the damp stone floor and the occasional, distant chattering of what he assumed to be bats. Fizzit had lost track of time and wasn’t sure how long the trio had been moving down this passage that seemed to be without end. It could have been little more than a few minutes or a few hours. It was difficult to discern when a bored mind was always prone to becoming impatient in an instant.


Several more minutes passed and the scenery didn’t change. The passage continued to stretch on , the walls had become so narrow now that the party had to move in single file and it had become so dark now that Fizzit’s torch didn’t illuminate their way more than a few steps ahead.


Now Rezzik was complaining again, but rather than being angry, Fizzit could perceive the rising fear in his companion’s voice. This time, Quossa didn’t tease him for being paranoid. More than likely, Fizzit thought, she was worried now too.


“Fizzit, we should turn back, ” Rezzik said nervously, his voice weak and trembling like a frightened child’s.


This time, Fizzit was actually considering the suggestion. “Maybe we’ll head back, ” he said tentatively, ” return back to base camp and prepare better and then come back. ”


Rezzik shook his head, but Fizzit couldn’t see the gesture, ” You come back if you want, but count me out. ”


“Pfft. Coward, “Quossa chuckled.


“Call me whatever you want , but I didn’t see you rushing to help the others when the Darkstalkers took the others.”


“Neither did you!” Quossa napped back angrily.


Fizzit sighed as his colleagues started bickering again. He was about to tell them to both shut up when he noticed something small and glowing up ahead in the tunnel along the right wall. Wordlessly he hurried ahead while Quossa had turned around to bicker with Rezzik behind her.


As he closed in on the glowing anomaly, Rezzik felt his hands warming. He looked down and gasped, “The tablet! Gaddjet’s belt! It’s glowing too! ” Studying both the tablet and the glowing symbol on the wall , he noticed, “Fascinating, they’re the same.”


His colleagues were oblivious, their voices raised towards one another in accusation. Though he was engrossed in his discovery, Fizzit hadn’t forgotten that the underworld was not a place where a surfacer wanted to draw attention to themselves. The Darkstalkers had a keen sense of hearing and they more than likely could hear Rezzik and Quossa’s dispute. “Sssh. Quiet , you two, ”  Fizzit cautioned.


His colleagues either ignored  him or they didn’t hear him. Either way, their yelling seemed to only increase in volume every second.


Annoyed, Fizzit spun around and shouted, “ENOUGH!”


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